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About Van Leer Zimbabwe

About Van Leer Zimbabwe

Van Leer Zimbabwe was incorporated in 1954 and initially known as Metal Containers. It later changed its name to Van Leer Packaging in 1966. Van Leer Packaging then became Greif Zimbabwe in 2003. Each change in ownership of the business has seen not only retention of experience but sharpening of focus and expansion of operations as well. Van Leer Zimbabwe is a manufacturer of high quality egg trays, steel drums, plastic drums, green house and polythene plastic sheeting since 1958 using globally accredited and environmentally green technologies. Our molded fibre products are manufactured from eco-friendly material which guarantees high quality and price competitive attributes.

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We provide Steel drums

Steel drums are ideal shipping containers for hazardous and non-hazardous products. The drum capacity ranges from 20 – 210 litres either with an open or closed top.

  • Flexible steel drum solutions          
  • Stackable
  • Safe and secures storage
  • Triple spiral seam
  • Customised branding
  • Sustainable engineering
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We provide Moulded Fibre Egg Packaging

Available are 20 lbs (carries 30 eggs) Egg tray and 2 x 6 Egg Boxes (Carries 12 eggs)


  • Push volumes
  • No risk of disease transmission (single way trip packaging)                                         
  • Protect your margins                                                               
  • Very easy to handle                                                                              
  • Allows aeration                                                                                     
  • Cost effective                                                                                       
  • Eco-friendly packaging                                                  

We also provide the following

Netlon Packaging
Netlon Packaging

Netlon Packaging nets are suitable for packaging of agricultural products for example potatoes, onions, oranges etc

Polythene sheeting
Polythene sheeting
Green House and Polythene Plastic Sheeting serves a lot of purposes in many industries these include the following agriculture for green house, construction industry, transport industry where they can be used as tends
Plastic Drums
Plastic Drums

Our plastic drums are generally used for storage and transportation of liquids